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all star voting at an all time low

Posted on: June 21, 2008 7:07 pm

is it just me or is everybody just gone stupid all of a sudden?  i watched the Red Sox/cardinals game this afternoon and saw who is winning the all star position votes and all i could wonder is how many people voting actually watch the sport of baseball.  obviously, not very many.  i'll start with the al:

1B -- Kevin Youkilis -- he's a good player, but definitely not a starter for an all star team.  i was thinking someone like Justin Morneau.  heck, i hate the Yankees and i'd almost put giambi in there.  not really.

2B -- Dustin Pedroia -- same as youkilis.  good player. not an all star.  there are other good players this year.  i think someone like Ian Kinsler deserves a shot.  heck, Jose Lopez from seattle is having an awesome year.  oh wait.  he isn't getting votes because he plays for a bad team.  that seems to be the pattern here.

SS -- Derek Jeter -- yes, he should be in the all star game, but not as a starter.  i think Michael Young has cemented the starting job. 

3B -- A-Rod -- i'll give this to him. 

OF -- I agree with Manny Ramirez and Josh Hamilton.  i'm not sold on ichiro yet.  there are some other players having better years.  Jose Guillen, Johnny Damon, and heck, vlad guerrero to name a couple


as for the nl:

i like the infielders.  can't go wrong on those.  too many Cubs though.  soto definitely deserves to start.  he's been a beast this year.  soriano has been hurt all year.  he had a 2-3 week stretch when he hit the ball. other than that, he was hitting .175 for a lot of the season.  fukudome??  have we really become that dumb of a society?  what has he done?  there are many, many, many other people who deserve to start over fukudome.  heck, fukudome isn't even on my all star roster.  the pittsburgh Pirates outfield each deserve a shot.  Ryan Ludwick from the Cardinals, Pat Burrell from the Phillies, and Matt Kemp from the Dodgers are other noteworthy candidates.  fukudome???  i can't stop laughing at that one. 

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Posted on: June 27, 2008 5:15 am

all star voting at an all time low

It would be very upsetting if Ryan Ludwick doesnt make it.  I couldnt agree with you more on all these players.  Pat Burrell is finally becoming the player the Phillies knew he could be and he has been amazing all season.  Ryan Ludwick is having an all-star year and I hope he keeps it up.  Fukudome is having a good year but not an all-star year.  Skip Schumaker is having a better season than Fukudome.

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